Winter 2003  
sb Harry

sb Harry

From: StephyJ (Wed Feb 23 16:15:30 2005)
I love it!!! This is from CoS, right? I love the determination on his face. Just how I pictured him!
From: Big Loud Mouth (Thu Dec 22 22:44:18 2005)
This looks like Harry Potter(I Hate Harry Potter)
From: narci (Mon May 8 19:33:28 2006)
how can u HATE HARRY POTTER!!! *gaps at the screen and get angrier and angrier* GRRRR!!! really good picture by the way.....
From: mike oxbig 08 (Sat Jun 28 13:11:38 2008)
i dont think harry potter is attractive at all. THIS PICTURE IS GREATT! .. but the actual harry potter character isnt hot/attractive. you people actually think daniel raddcliffe is hot?? wow. you people read too mcuh. by the way drew,, this is great, and im not actually a guy i just made the name mike oxbig because if you say it really fast it sounds like "mycocksbig". sorry, i thought id tell you:p.

but anyway , you are an amazing drawer/illustrater/painter etc..


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