Winter 2003  
sb ballerina

sb ballerina

From: TPK (Fri Mar 11 23:06:51 2005)
Perspective doesn't quite look right here. The foreground leg looks a little too big for the rest of her, esp. in the calf.
Otherwise, she reminds me a bit of the ballerina doll from "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" section of Fantasia 2000.
From: Tiny Dancer gurl (Thu Dec 22 22:48:58 2005)
I love ballet!!!them1rst person is right though her leg is WAY 2 big!!!!other than that it is terrific!!!i love how u draw the clothes and if u can u should draw like cartoons and stuff and post them.keep it up. one day u might even be famous and if u are i will buy TONS of your work!!I have never seen such good drawings other than my uncles u r so creative and that helps u alot!

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