Winter 2003  
sb faith

sb faith

From: Sam (Thu Feb 3 14:18:24 2005)
Okay, you were right, I do love the period costumes, but this! This is amazing, I love how you gave her such hope. This is a woman who cannot be beaten, even with those ominous clouds and the muddy hem, making it apparant that the going is tough.
From: Jaci (Wed Aug 10 18:59:16 2005)
Ooo, hey, wow. I like this one.
From: Samwise (Thu Dec 29 17:58:09 2005)
Hey, I have a question for you...provided that I don't sell it, would I be allowed to make this into a window? I'll even send you pictures of the process all the way to the prison of Provo, as Jesse has so affectionately termed it. (Or your other future residence, if it takes me that long to get the window done?)
From: Hannah (Mon Mar 26 17:00:11 2007)
wow, what an amazingly moving picture. You give her such amazing strength and hope. You can see that even though things are hard, she has faith that God will help guide and pull her through this time. I love how you put a beam of light for the effect.
From: mike oxbig (Sat Jun 28 13:04:02 2008)
this one is amazing. the light really captures everythiung..
when your rich you can design my dresses like the one here. you are great at drawing all these dresses, i especially like the violet baudelaire one, i think i already commented on. but this is great! =]..

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