Winter 2003  
sb men6

sb men6

From: Tekla (Mon Feb 28 22:26:13 2005)
Well I think the 2 on the left look rather like you. Am I wrong? Like the outfit
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 22:37:16 2005)
Heh, yes, I admit that's somewhat of a more idealized self-portrait. At least the bottom one. The top one wasn't quite as intentional, whereas I actually do have an outfit rather like the one on the bottom. Good catch! (Do I know you?....)
From: TJ Cooper (Wed May 23 21:35:45 2007)
Actually... a lot of your sketches look like you... you've probably noticed this, but it seems that when you draw (I include myself) the sketch always has a tinge of the person who you know the most... I know myself the most so most of my sketches look a little like me, be it male or female... seems it happens to you too =)

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