2004 - 2005  


From: becca (Mon Jul 25 21:54:16 2005)
oh that's good. That looks just like my mom and dad. no, no, no! Don't think about that! They're divorced! It's over! *calms down and sighs* great pic!
From: TPK (Fri Aug 5 17:53:06 2005)
Very wide-set eyes; she reminds me a bit of actress Missi Pyle.
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Aug 5 19:30:15 2005)
Hmmm... she sort of does... This was ,oosely based (meaning I saw it once, liked it and then drew something kind of like it) on an ad I saw for some perfume or other such product featuring Scarlett Johansen (whom I love).

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