sb WSS

sb WSS

From: flopy!! (Thu Jan 27 01:49:27 2005)
as i've promissed, here i'm adding my comment!!
i really like this drawing.. Definitively, i'll save it!! :D
all of them are great
From: Evita (Sun Feb 27 00:17:17 2005)
It looks like the girl on the top is listening to her lover seranade her from the street or that she's watching someone pass. Hands are a little hazy, or I might need to dig out my specs.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 00:53:57 2005)
Yes, hands are a little hazy... Mostly due to a poor quality photo of it (darn shaky hands taking pictures).
From: potter#1fan (Mon Jul 25 21:44:31 2005)
I really like this one, especially the hairstyles.
The one on top kinda looks like me, but I CANNOT wear dresses! I mean it! I CANNOT! I'm more of a tree-climbing, pocahontas-like, horseback riding, tomboy! JUst jeans and a cute top will do for me. And may I say that I am the most feared girl in school. Pretty, bt dangerous! Do NOT mess with me! LOL
From: cs_gal (Tue Nov 15 09:29:53 2005)
oh, potter#1fan so u'r a pretty gal huh? haha... anyway, really nice gals u hav! will u become a fashion designer or hairstylist 1 day? i love the rite-hand side gal(down). i'm saving it too!

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