sb girl in tie

sb girl in tie

From: Evita (Sun Feb 27 00:23:44 2005)
Well I like this drawing for the most part but the skit looks like it would have to taper (spelling.. no idea:) off quickly. And her chest is slightly off or thats one hell of a wonderbra. Or perhaps its the tie
From: Evita (Sun Feb 27 09:38:29 2005)
Skirt* urgh go ahead and delete the last post
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 00:47:20 2005)
Yeah, I had some issues with the chest. I could see easily how I could have made the tie curve and actually go over her chest, but I was confused with her neck turning, so her collar would turn too... Meh, it's sketchbook rubbish. :) How do you mean the skirt should need to taper? Just to clarify your thought?

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