sb girls6

sb girls6

From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 23:51:43 2005)
I must ask where the girls you draw get there voluminizing shampoo. Her upper arm looks a little thin but perhaps thats just the angle
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 01:01:24 2005)
Yes, I do draw rather poofy-haired girls... I've never had girls' hair, so I don't know EXACTLY how it works (except from observations of course, and from having five sisters), but I do like to draw full-haired girls.
From: kate (Wed May 4 02:22:22 2005)
well i have to say her hair looks like mine!!! big and curly!!! looks quite natural to me!!!
From: Last_Rose (Tue May 10 21:13:16 2005)
That girl makes me think of Galadriel! She's beautiful!

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