sb girls

sb girls

From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Sep 5 17:12:40 2007)
Originally posted by: April (Sat 01 Jan 2005 03:54:27 AM EST)

Inmodest, but nicely done

Originally posted by: Administrator (Tue 04 Jan 2005 06:52:03 PM EST)

I would just like to comment on this now that someone's brought it up... Some of the stuff on here could be seen as inappropriate or immodest, but it's completely artistic and totally non-sexual in intention and design. Just wanted to clear that up....
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Sep 5 17:13:01 2007)
Originally posted by: Someone else.

They look fine to me. You can always just picture them with clothes on if modesty's the problem!
From: annie.ohhhhyes (Sun Oct 28 22:59:17 2007)
i love the girl with the sword's pose. it just kinda shouts "victory".
From: .Me. (Tue Jun 17 07:35:30 2008)
Fantastic! can I say you're an artist?! wonderfoul! simple, fantastic... you've a splendide illustator! .Me.

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