Biker chick

Biker chick

From: Shana (Sat Oct 2 20:43:14 2004)
Very nice. You can just feel attitude radiating from her. I also like the flag on the back.
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 02:29:25 2005)
Is that a I Harry Potter flag in the back? Cute touch. Love the bike too, like Shana said you can feel the attitude but I think its a fascade.Something about just tells me shes not as tough as she looks. Dunno, who am I to say??
From: Tek (Mon Feb 28 00:24:17 2005)
Ah! A girl on a bike! I was the only girl in high school to drive a motorcycle so this is defintly my favorite so far! Is that jacket leather or denim???
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 00:40:19 2005)
To Evita... Yes, it IS a HP flag, and yes, you're really onto something with that facade guess.... She is sort of acting, but she's having fun about it too.

And to Tek, the jacket is leather (I tried to make it look shiny, but it's not really that apparent).

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