A commissioned portrait

A commissioned portrait

From: Michael Smith (Tue Feb 8 17:22:45 2005)
What a beauty, I bet she has to beat the guys down with a stick! I dare say it is an excellent likeness.
From: Last_Rose (Wed May 25 20:48:05 2005)
I couldn't figure out who this reminded me of...Harrietta Potter from CoS!
From: Grif (Sat Nov 5 15:39:34 2005)
Yeah, I know what you mean Last_Rose
From: lol_queen (Sun Dec 11 08:39:04 2005)
hey, who is this supposed to be? I swear it, you should take your art to a higher level! Like go out there and make your art known to the world! I'd be smiling if so! You are really good!
From: Guest (Thu Feb 2 16:42:27 2006)
She is beautiful! And she has a wonderful, warm smile!
From: narci (Tue May 9 19:30:53 2006)
she kinda looks like an older version of luna lovegood in a way.....ish....do u get me???
From: Elise (Wed Jun 14 23:20:01 2006)
HURRAH! I look like LUNA! My life's ambition is complete! Thanks everyone!

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