From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Oct 6 15:09:56 2004)
Hey, this one looks interesting! What exactly is going on here? That girl looks like she is being a stick in the mud. Tell her to take a chill pill.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Oct 13 16:29:48 2004)
To answer your question, Harrietta, they're spotlighting (that is, being dragged around in a trailer behind a three-wheeler and looking for deer with a spotlight). The girl is in a crust because she was driving and they kicked her off!
From: Evita (Sun Feb 27 00:36:31 2005)
I cant believe I missed this one! Ha, Im not a hunter myself but my whole family is. Well I lied, I AM a hunter if it includes me riding side saddle on a mule shooting raccons and getting hit in the eye with the shell... memories:) Eh, well Im full of suprises

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