watching HP

watching HP

From: Harrietta Potter (Thu Sep 30 16:00:04 2004)
That is exactly the feeling I get when watching Harry Potter! But the girl on the end isn't watching it. . . what in the world is she doing?
From: Shana (Sat Oct 2 20:46:22 2004)
When I watch Harry Potter, I the girl on the right. The guy sitting next to her on the right looks like her boyfriend that she dragged along. LOL!
From: some boy (Tue Oct 12 15:15:35 2004)
That boy on the right was not dragged to it! He was dying to see Harry Potter.
From: Elise (Tue Oct 12 23:24:49 2004)
You can tell by the look on his face. . . oh wait, you can tell by where his face is looking. . .
From: Elowyn (Thu Sep 8 17:52:11 2005)
I really want to hear the story behind this interesting enigma...

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