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05 girl hot not.jpg

05 girl hot not.jpg

From: Another Artist (Tue May 16 16:07:47 2006)
The one on the left is.....wow, idk, really really awsome! Her face is telling a stroy of uncertianty and suspition.He body posistion, feels like its trying to protect herself in someway. Instanly what comes to mind is that there should be some guy standing behind her, and she doesn't know if her loves her, or if she should love him. Or I could be reading way to much into this. Man I need to get a life!
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jun 11 22:00:47 2006)
Wow, that is a really great analysis. Thanks for you comments!
From: allena (Sat Dec 29 18:22:27 2007)
the character on the right reminds me of one of my friends! that's so funny. the hair and everything!! she's blonde......not to be steryotypical.......but she looks like she'd be blonde too!!! heeheehee!
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Jan 2 16:39:50 2008)
Interesting, I always pictured her with dark hair. Thanks!

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