2005 - 2006  


From: TJ Cooper (Wed May 23 18:04:36 2007)
I love all of your drawings and sketches... mainly because of the style, since it's so hard to find... most drawing are now anime based and though I like anime I like your style much better. hehe the girl with the book reminds me a lot of myself =) I seem to have a problem drawing girls... I can draw boys just fine but I never like the girls I draw heehee tough luck
From: ApologeticCritic (Fri Feb 22 15:58:49 2008)
Yeah, I agree. I really admire your skill at the female of the species, which I too must improve upon. I think it's just one of those vicious cycle things... You know, you start out drawing guys and then you aren't practicing your girls so they get frustrating to draw next to your guys...so then you keep avoiding the practice you need and on and on. Am I right? I mean, I think you do a really great job of balancing both out (but I think you favor the ladies). :)

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