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From: Another Artist (Tue May 16 16:14:31 2006)
Thank God! I'm not alone! I write in my scetch book all the time! It has become my jornel alone with my drawings. Question: The Lady in the dress, flowing in the wind, is that inspired by Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers. As Eowen? I just love the hair! The only thing that bugs me slightly is her chin, looks like she is being really stuborn, thinking really really hard, or has an underbite. Other than that, I love how you post your scetch book. Thank you so much!
From: sarah (Sun Jan 7 17:49:25 2007)
I always write in my sketch book!(mostly naming my charectors) but anyway I love the way you draw girls. which do you think is easier to draw? boys or girls?
From: TJ Cooper (Wed May 23 18:11:23 2007)
I say it's easier to draw boys... with girls you have to add a lot of fine details or they end up looking just... weird
From: apologetic critic (Fri Aug 17 18:56:18 2007)
It's HARD to draw both. It just depends on which you've practiced more. Me, when I first started drawing ONLY drew guys. So when I tried to draw girls, it just looked so awkward by comparison, I left off practicing drawing girls MORE. It's one of those Vicious Circle things. I'm STILL behind on drawing girls as compared to drawing guys. You know, I also can't draw backgrounds. But I figure, so long as you're working on it, ANYTHING looks good.
From: Madame Raven (Wed Aug 29 08:06:48 2007)
Yep,that's Eowyn.That pose is so hers!

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