2005 - 2006  
39 Passionella.jpg

39 Passionella.jpg

From: TPK (Fri Mar 3 17:17:50 2006)
Passionella. It sounds like the name of a fruit-based dessert! Heh.

(It's "verklempt," btw. Not that I should know from Yiddish, being a goy and all.)
From: Another Artist (Tue May 16 16:17:34 2006)
Looks kindof like a desine for a perfume. Passionella! This is a scent you should wear on those rare ocassions! I adore the hair you gave her! Very classy and suductive.
From: sarah (Sun Jan 7 17:54:20 2007)
She's so beautiful, her dress is very flowing and I adore her left hand it just catches my attention

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