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46 Cosette.jpg

46 Cosette.jpg

From: Hannah (Sat Mar 24 00:34:15 2007)
poor girl, you really feel for her.
From: TJ Cooper (Wed May 23 18:16:53 2007)
Wow... I can actually feel the emotion the character is giving off... awesome job with that girl
From: Amanda (Mon Oct 22 21:08:59 2007)
I never knew how to picture Cosette while I was reading Les Miserables, but this is perfect. There's so much sadness there. It's wonderful.
From: allena (Sat Dec 29 18:37:57 2007)
awww. that just pains u to see her. total cinderella circumstances.
From: starrynite (Sat Jan 26 13:15:38 2008)
Les Miserables! Am I right?
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jan 28 10:44:28 2008)
You are right indeed.

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