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58 Renee.jpg

58 Renee.jpg

From: Another Artist (Fri May 19 12:58:57 2006)
Who was your inspiration? Beautiful! Love th clothing!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jun 11 21:52:15 2006)
To my understanding, (This is Drew's lil sister standing in for Drew)this was a lady... I can't believe I forgot her name, but she sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir last Christmas. It was fantastic.
From: Diva in Training (Sun Jul 9 00:21:34 2006)
I believe that was Renee Fleming. She's fabulous and so is the drawing.
From: TJ Cooper (Wed May 23 18:20:57 2007)
Wow... lovely girl... wish I could draw girls like that, though, considering I'm self-taught...

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