A Series of Unfortunate Events  


From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:26:02 2006)
I find that it's a good drawing, but that Violet looks too "mother-ish". Maybe the height has something to do with it, but it's also in her expression.
From: person (Wed Aug 9 19:30:55 2006)
its good, i like thier worriness in thier facces
From: V.F.D Detective (Sat Oct 7 16:44:15 2006)
I agree with Girl_X Violet does look a bit motherish but to make them look even more worried, they can be more clushtered together and have a look of fright on there faces (Sunny can cry)
From: Al Funcoot (Fri Oct 27 23:51:48 2006)
I agree with V.F.D. sunny needs some tears THE POTHETIC LITTLE MONKEY I HATE HER SO... agh hem
sorry about that ;)

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