A Series of Unfortunate Events  
Esme Kit.jpg

Esme Kit.jpg

From: Viktorius (Fri Mar 3 20:37:09 2006)
Kit is amazing, but i always thought she had her hair in a bun or pony-tail ot somthing.....go figure.
From: Zavi (Sat Mar 18 21:13:30 2006)
Ahaha! Esmé looks just as disturbing as I imagined her in that outfit! I meant that as a compliment, just so you know. I do love Kit's slightly loose sleeves and distressed look as well.
From: X-23 (Sun Apr 2 18:11:59 2006)
Is that Esme's VFD tatoo on her ankle?
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:40:56 2006)
Esmé is exactly like I imagined her. That image scared me (ha ha ha).

Kit looks good too, but It kinda looks like she has antennae, the way the pencils are sticking out.
From: V.F.D Detective (Sat Oct 7 17:23:28 2006)
Victorius is right that's what i thought go figure and what's with the eye were and pregnate woman beside her with that thing on her head and why is Esme in a bikini?!?! very frightning!!X(
From: Elise (Mon Oct 9 04:05:51 2006)
Haven't you read the Penultumate Peril? It is quite IN to wear a lettuce bikini and look through those binoculars... I forget what they were called. The pregnant woman is Kit Snicket, I don't think they are meant to be associate as being in the same place in this picture. Just drawn side by side.
From: mike oxbig for the last until 2008. (Tue Dec 18 21:06:44 2007)
my car has been found also. This reminds me of the timme that klaus tried to throw poor appla off of that tower! that was horrible! it is so sad that sunny dies in the 14th chapter. i cried. when count olaf threw her into that blazing fire. >tear.
From: Katherine (Sat Mar 14 16:32:20 2009)
To mike oxbig...:Have you read the book???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? NONE OF THAT EVER HAPPENS!
From: HJ (vfdsunny9999) (Mon Oct 19 15:09:22 2009)
Have you EVER read the books?????????? NONE of that EVER happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not to you Katherine, don't worry. This is to mike oxbig.

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