A Series of Unfortunate Events  
Fiona and Klaus share a last, tender moment before she shows her true volatility

Fiona and Klaus share a last, tender moment before she shows her true volatility

From: Roger (Mon Aug 29 08:43:12 2005)
SICK!!! I am a huge fan of the series, but this picture is pretty gross.
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Aug 30 02:10:20 2005)
So... do you mean this part of the book was gross? Or this couple is gross? Or this drawing is gross? Either way... interesting thoughts. *shrug*
From: MioneBookworm (Sun Jan 1 19:12:50 2006)
aaw, I'm only sad that Fiona ran away...didn't quite like her as a character, and quite agree with Violet about her...too volatile. Honestly, I do hope Klaus ends up with Isadora Quagmire, they make a nice couple.
From: Roger (Tue Feb 14 08:28:39 2006)
No, no, no. I mean, that this part of the book. I never liked it.
From: Jessica (Fri Apr 14 12:08:05 2006)
Ekk I hate this part of the book it is gross
From: Someone or another (Tue Jun 13 21:14:17 2006)
I rather like it. It's sort of a cute nad gushy scene.
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:38:54 2006)
To me it looks like Fiona is a lot older (because you can see she is bending down, but you can't see Klaus's legs, so he looks really short compared to her). I also imagined Klaus would look really surprised when Fiona kissed him, but otherwise it's a really good drawing.
From: V.F.D Detective (Sat Oct 7 17:20:17 2006)
MioneBookworm is right Isadora and Klaus make a better couple this pic looks like a 23 year old laidy is kissing a 16 year old!!! ahhh ok ihaven't read the book up to that point and now i've just spoiled it ahhhhh!!!! ok bi i'll comment next month rrr something after i'm done the book
xox Dr. Talks~A~Lot
From: Billie Piper (Sat Apr 21 17:11:19 2007)
I dont know why but I always hated Fiona. She is a idiot. Sorry.
From: mike oxbig x4 again (Tue Dec 18 21:02:51 2007)
eww, i despise fiona she is ahorrid character because of the time she tried to drown Klaus in mustard pudding. She is a villian working beside the count. violet shoyuld know better.!
From: mike tiny brat (Wed Dec 19 17:26:22 2007)
klaus' lips look african american or sumtin
they are so big. is he irish descent or negro.?
why didn't you draw the scence where quigley makes out< -kissing-> with sunny. that was assault!
i like when klause kills himself in the fourteenth chapter it really made me excited for the 14th book! I cant wait February 2008!
From: HJ (vfdsunny9999) (Mon Oct 19 15:03:28 2009)
First of all, mike tiny brat, Quigley kisses Violet, not Sunny. Second of all, Klaus never kills himself. Third of all, there will be no 14th book. Fourth of all, all 13 books have 13 chapters, not 14, except in The End, book 13, where there is an epilogue called Chapter Fourteen.
From: Elizabeth Sanders (bethebug) (Fri Oct 14 22:02:02 2016)
I'm so late finding these! (this is no insult to your drawings) But I just have to vent, that this part in the series always bugged me too! I always thought it was such insult to injury that she had to kiss Klaus on top of it all. I think he said it felt more like a slap in the face. Anyway, he was always kind of my favorite so maybe I'm just bitter.

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