A Series of Unfortunate Events  


From: Enchanted (Sun Jan 2 02:53:42 2005)
Is it an eye? If so.. it's so mysterious... you could use it as a companies logo or something
From: Elise (Fri Jan 7 16:15:24 2005)
Awesome drew! I love it! I wish they had used that in the movie, instead of those silly eyes they have
From: Interested (Fri Mar 11 21:19:41 2005)
If you look carefully you can see the letters VFD in the eye. E-mail me at Bluebasssong2@comcast.net to see how.
From: Intrested (Wed Mar 16 16:26:31 2005)
If you have any drawings of the Quagmires please notify me soon. I would like to continue my knowlage Mr. Snicket has graciously provided for my search but their was little he could tell me.
From: willie (Wed May 10 18:59:40 2006)
fine work of art.
From: mike oxbig 07 (Tue Dec 18 21:16:48 2007)
remember when klaus throws appla off of the tower! and i cried when the count burns sunny alive in that blasted fire! i cried for several hours>tear
Manchester, NH
From: beatriz (Tue Dec 18 21:18:13 2007)
that blasted fiya- killed the littlest baudelaire! shame shame on the giutar hero .
From: mike oxbig returns (Wed Dec 19 16:52:47 2007)
shame on braun jamin for killing sunny in the blasted fiya

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