A Series of Unfortunate Events  
The Baudelaires cling desperately to Hector's rope ladder in The Vile Village

The Baudelaires cling desperately to Hector's rope ladder in The Vile Village

From: Alyssa (Sat Jan 1 15:54:20 2005)
There's so movement, it's so fluid and smooth, really nice again.
From: annelisse (Sat Jan 1 19:08:15 2005)
Brilliant! There's so much action; so much fear on their faces.
From: V.F.D Detective (Sat Oct 7 17:05:36 2006)
i like how the picture moves, it gives everythng that special "beauty of death" thing it's like there going to die but everythin looks so beautiful before things end(Sunny looks likes she's gonna die AHHH save the baby)
From: an unfortunate girl (Wed Nov 14 18:21:57 2007)
i love sunny! she doesn't look like herself in the picture though. but what do i know i judge everything by the movie!
From: mike-oxbig (Tue Dec 18 20:42:00 2007)
i think sunny's hair is suppoused to be shorter
From: mike-oxbig (Tue Dec 18 20:45:09 2007)
she looks rather like a small ghost child. but the drawing is magnificent. I didnt like the movie as wellas the books. they made it seem "funny" than miserable.
From: pee - niss aka mike oxbig (Wed Dec 19 16:58:12 2007)
they look like the idiots from peter pan.

shame on you. im reporting this for copyright!
just kidding mister.
From: violet baudelaire (Thu Dec 20 13:22:05 2007)
why is it that violet looks like she is wearing glasses? stop drawing lines that run odwn the character's faces. it looks like they are cut in half or human pickle pusses/?/|||||sunny lokks decapitated/ or like a shit nugget.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Dec 26 17:01:26 2007)
I was about to apologize, but then I realized that as the artist, I have my prerogative for my process of drawing. The construction lines on the faces are useful in placement of facial features and making sure things are proportionate as I would like them. Thanks for your feedback.
From: violet baudelaire returns08 (Wed Jan 30 17:19:31 2008)
sunny stilll looks like a little ghost child flying. I like klaus' shoes they are very detailed. i think sunny has a little less hair though :)
From: Violet (Sun Mar 29 18:10:25 2009)
Wow i luv little sunny shes so cute hey if you havent already u should do one of the bad begining

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