The Chronicles of Narnia  
Lucy Pevensie

Lucy Pevensie

From: Harrietta Potter (Mon Sep 6 17:58:54 2004)
Ah, Lucy. . . she is so sweet and innocent looking!
From: Viktorius (Wed May 3 21:56:04 2006)
Where's her little bottle of healing potion
From: Psyche (Mon Oct 30 20:47:03 2006)
Is that her healing potion, 'round her neck, there? I love the dress, and her hair is perfect, just how I picture it.
From: Drew Anders (Thu Mar 1 15:26:58 2007)
Can't u fix her just a bit. Common man she looks reatarded. She could use longer arrows!
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Mar 2 13:47:30 2007)
I feel bad that common man is a she. Also that common man looks retarded.
From: shaak ti (Sun Apr 1 15:02:47 2007)
lucy does not have arrows. she has a dagger. and her potion is on her belt.
From: Suzanna Freewoods (Sun Aug 12 03:27:31 2007)
Is she carrying Susan's arrows for her? Because I noticed they weren't in the other picture and lucy doesn't receive arrows as a gift. But by the way, I love your work!
From: Riya (Sat Apr 12 21:43:26 2008)
you are really cute
From: Colin (Fri Jul 11 00:35:23 2008)
Who ever the idiot is that said her bottle of healing potion is on her belt is stupid it's only on her belt in the new movie in the book and the BBC version it's around her neck like it is in this picture

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