The Chronicles of Narnia  
Susan Pevensie

Susan Pevensie

From: Harrietta Potter (Mon Sep 6 17:54:13 2004)
Ag potter, this series of Narnias are GREAT! Susan is so lovely!
From: Psyche (Mon Oct 30 20:45:20 2006)
You draw her so much prettier than I see her in my head when I read the books. I love it though - I like the bow and her horn.
From: shaak ti (Sun Apr 1 14:59:27 2007)
i love susan. she is my favirote character in the movie and books.i love her bow.
From: Riya (Sat Apr 12 21:39:34 2008)
ohh Susan you are my favriote i hope i can meet you
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 30 13:57:03 2009)
Keep on hoping, Riya. Keep on hoping.

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