Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  
CoS trauma2

CoS trauma2

Description : I love Lockhart's snooping mug in the top right of this page. He's just about to start meddling...
From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Aug 18 01:10:04 2004)
Whoa! Poor Hermione! All frozed up and all! And golly gee, I think everyone in the WORLD needs to see Lockhart's face in that top picture! YAK YAK YAK YAK! He is the best!
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Nov 16 18:58:42 2004)
Thanks Harrietta. For some reason, the part when Hermione is discovered petrified is really shaking to me. When I saw it in the movie, although I had read the book several times, I was as stunned and broken-up as Harry and Ron. I love Hermione. :) And yes, I must admit that I'm rather fond of Lockhart in this one. What a nosey little schmoozer!
From: terbear2005hp (Sat May 7 18:20:51 2005)
in the bottom it looks like harry's about to cry, it's great! you do so well with emotions! how do you do it? it gives me such a hard time!
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jun 23 17:12:36 2005)
Well, it is hard to do, but a lot of hours practicing and analyzing animation and illustrations can really work wonders! Also, practice with a mirror, drawing your own expressions and exaggerating them.
From: Potterfreak (Sun Oct 8 13:52:07 2006)
Hermione petrified...Its perfect
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 16:23:38 2007)
Yup, that's the brainless, interfering ol' Lockhart we know!

The scene at the bottom is so beautifully drawn! My breath caught in my throat when I saw it. Poor Hermione!
From: hogwarts girl (Wed Sep 26 22:41:28 2007)
OMG i completely LOVE rons expression in both of them its rite on the dot!!!..lol lockhart is really good to cof-foney-cof cof =]
From: Emily (Thu Oct 4 20:48:32 2007)
Hermione's eyes are all glazed over, and you've caught everyones' expressions so well.

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