Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  
A colored Ginny Weasley

A colored Ginny Weasley

From: Pyurrrrrrrrr (Sun Feb 6 14:31:10 2005)
Awww! You gotta love Ginny! I love the Harry picture, purfect!
From: hotharry (Thu Feb 24 12:05:43 2005)
Ginny looks so cute! I love that girl! i like the face on her. Yuo can see that she is in her own little world with Harry. And shes very much in heaven. Love it alot!
From: Emma Snape (Sun Sep 11 07:27:54 2005)
Beautiful colours. Who else can hear the Harry picture going, "Air! Need - air!"?
From: Ollie (Sat Jul 1 18:22:01 2006)
I think it looks better without the colour...
From: Olivia (Thu Feb 1 15:49:29 2007)
Even better in COLOR!
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 16:02:07 2007)
Ginny: Ahhhhhh...
Harry: HELP!

lol very nice! Although I do prefer it without the color, the lines around Ginny's face in that one give her more of an uplifted, blissful air.

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