Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  
Harry meets Dobby the House Elf

Harry meets Dobby the House Elf

From: Mandy (boarder_babe) (Thu Aug 12 03:07:09 2004)
Hey AG! I love the expression on Harry's face, hehe it's priceless!
From: Syan Alyissa (Fri Oct 22 19:01:35 2004)
very good drawing
From: terbear2005hp (Sat May 7 17:48:15 2005)
now that's dobby!! to a "t"!!
From: roonil wazlib (Thu Jun 29 11:48:56 2006)
i love how u've aged harry
From: Karrie (Sat Jul 1 18:07:32 2006)
Dobby reminds me of Pinnochio, with that nose...
It's still a good drawing,though
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:56:20 2006)
agreed with roonil wazlib
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 15:17:57 2007)
I love your Dobby!
From: hogwarts girl (Wed Sep 26 21:50:29 2007)
omg lol!! harrys like umm..what the heck r u?

great drawing =]
From: mrs.malfoy (Sat Nov 3 01:00:10 2007)
bring on draco!!!
From: newbie (Wed Jan 9 18:56:38 2008)
hey i just started looking at these pictures and want you to know that you have absolutely captured the book perfectly. your pictures are the most amazing thing scince sliced bread. thank you so much for your beautiful artwork!

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