Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  
Ginny Montage

Ginny Montage

Description : Some random Ginny drawings, and a peek at what I might have seen in the Mirror of Erised at that moment...
From: Drea (Thu Apr 3 13:27:36 2008)
I am SO excited to see new pictures!! Thank you!! They look great!!
From: JackieSage (Sat Apr 5 19:11:51 2008)
Wooo!! new pics!
Ginny looks brilliant here... older than I'd ever seen her before
From: loonyloopylupin (Wed Apr 30 14:48:08 2008)
Yay, new pics!! :)

Is that Harry looking in the Mirror of Erised? Awww...
From: sak (Sat Jan 10 05:32:59 2009)
I absolutely love ur drawings of Ginny!
From: Utah singer (that secretly wants to be famous...) (Thu Apr 2 19:48:35 2009)
IS that you looking in the mirror of Erised reading a HP book??? if so which one it looks like the sixth or the seventh....

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