Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  
"The Seven Potters"

"The Seven Potters"

Description : Again, after hearing only the chapter title, this is my interpretation of "The Seven Potters," though my initial thought was a family tree of some sort, indicating seven different people with the last name Potter.
From: Drea (Thu Apr 3 13:38:34 2008)
This one is great. Do you have in mind which Harry is Ron, Hermione, etc.?
From: Drea (Thu Apr 3 13:38:51 2008)
Since you've read it, I mean.
From: JackieSage (Sat Apr 5 19:13:31 2008)
This image looks hilarious!
From: Moony (Wed Apr 9 21:01:25 2008)
This is really cool! The expressions are kinda funny! ^_^
From: harry fan (Tue Apr 22 19:37:18 2008)
alright, from left to right; Harry=looks like he wished there was another way. Hermione= trying to make the best of things. Ron=oblivious and not waering glasses. Mundungus= would rather be anywhere but there. Fleur= looks like a girl in Harry form. Fred and George= they look determined, anxious, and fred and georgish
From: Alana (Sat Jun 7 19:12:21 2008)
LOL. I forgot about this part! XD
From: Agatha Bluestar (Wed Jun 11 16:04:14 2008)
Nah! I think the right order is from L to R: Fred (the better lookinh twin), George(ready for action), Ron(eyeing Hermione for her comment), Harry(grumpy and embarrased), Hermione(hiding hrt blishing face from Ron), Fleur("I'm 'idious Bill") and Mundungus(hiding from Mad-Eye).
From: To Agatha Bluestar (Mon Jun 30 13:37:11 2008)
Fred is so not the better looking twin!!! George is!!!!
From: crazychik (Sun Oct 5 08:57:27 2008)
thier expressions say it all! =]
From: sak (Sat Jan 10 04:05:37 2009)
wow.....thier expressions are hilarious..but i'm kinda havin a hard time sayin who's who!

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