Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  
"Voldemort Serves the Tea"

"Voldemort Serves the Tea"

Description : My sister, in an attempt to make me feel better about not being able to read the book yet, told me jokingly of her favorite chapter, entitled, "Voldemort Serves the Sea," in which Hermione unknowingly eats the last Horcrux, which was actually a lump of sugar!
From: Drea (Thu Apr 3 13:36:56 2008)
That is so funny!! What a good sister.
From: Emma (Thu Apr 3 16:39:06 2008)
am likin the flowiness of voldemort's robes xx
From: irishdancer (Sun Apr 6 19:38:42 2008)
That would be funny! I am so glad you are back and I get to enjoy your book 7 drawings. They are of course great so far.
From: Lacie (Mon Apr 7 23:13:42 2008)
Ha, I remember when she told me that. I wish that was one of the chapters...
From: Andrea (Mon Apr 7 23:23:38 2008)
that is really funny at first i thought,did i miss a scene in the book? i just noticed the teapot looks exactly like the teapot in beauty and the beast.
From: Aiedail (Sun Apr 13 05:42:15 2008)
waouw what a good idea for a joke ^^ well done
From: loonyloopylupin (Wed Apr 30 14:59:25 2008)
Well, THAT'S different. Lol!
I wonder if Hermione would have heeded Moody's warning about not sticking wands in back pockets....
From: TPK (Wed May 14 16:18:46 2008)
Two sugars, please. Hee!
From: alana (Sat Jun 7 19:13:11 2008)
Lol. that's cute. :D
From: iluvyour drawings (Tue Jun 24 23:12:45 2008)
are you going to draw more???? more of the books? PLEASE!!!!
From: iluvyourdrawings (Wed Jul 9 15:07:16 2008)
From: Fantasy Girl (Mon Aug 11 14:46:17 2008)
Ha Ha this is funny

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