Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  
Tonks shows Harry her new bling.

Tonks shows Harry her new bling.

From: StephyJ (Thu Jul 31 23:31:22 2008)
Oooh! I love this one! Perfect! Man, I'm so glad to see new drawings from you!
From: Drea (Mon Aug 4 12:56:30 2008)
I love this one too!! Great job!!
From: JackieSage (Sun Aug 24 14:13:17 2008)
I love your Tonks! Just the way I pictured her hehe
From: sak (Sat Jan 10 03:58:44 2009)
wow...Tonks is one of my Favourite characters....and i love this drawing!
From: Maddie C. (Sun Aug 2 18:43:48 2009)
yeah, I really love the way you draw Tonks.

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