Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  
The poor Weasleys mourn the loss of Fred.

The poor Weasleys mourn the loss of Fred.

Description : Tragic... But I still have to ask: Where in the world is Charlie??
From: StephyJ (Mon Aug 11 00:35:17 2008)
That is a very good question. This part was sad for me, that one twin died while the other one lived. So sad. I like that Fred has a slight smile on his face, though. Fitting for Fred.
From: Fantasy Girl (Mon Aug 11 14:44:04 2008)
This made me cry i liked fred
From: Lace (Wed Aug 13 19:28:32 2008)
That was definitley the part that I cried in the book. Who would have ever thought? Hopefully the know the plan of salvation. :)
From: me (Wed Sep 17 19:51:52 2008)
this is the part in the book i really questioned ms. rowling about. she just started killing off people who she had no use for. i don't think she even stopped to consider the fact that millions of people are fred and george fans. it just dosnt make sense
From: sak (Sat Jan 10 05:17:43 2009)
This is so sad!
From: Saphy (Sat Jan 31 00:21:10 2009)
Wonderfully tragic picture, but I do have to do the obligatory Fred&George fan rant over the event in question. To whit: *RANT RANT RANT* DX
From: Maddie C. (Sun Aug 2 19:00:02 2009)
I have to disagree. I think Rowling thought very hard about who lived and who died.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Aug 3 02:57:05 2009)
Explain then why major characters were randomly killed for no apparent reason... Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Colin, Hedwig?

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