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The Beauxbatons Academy guests arrive

The Beauxbatons Academy guests arrive

Description : I really like how Fleur turned out in this one. She's a total diva.
From: fidelis patronus (Mon Aug 2 19:09:55 2004)
I like this one!!!
From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Aug 18 01:14:43 2004)
HAH! Look at Fleur back there, being a prissy poo as usual! She is wo.derful!
From: your truely (Sun Jan 23 12:16:37 2005)
Oooh! This is the first pic of Madam Maxime that I think Ive seen, definately the first on I've liked! Two Thumbs up!
From: Saphy (Tue Feb 15 13:33:46 2005)
*snicker* Fleur looks like she's channeling Carlotta. ^^ Pout, Fleur, pout! Great picture!
From: Elfinstyne (Tue Feb 15 13:43:28 2005)
Very charming :D
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 03:43:02 2005)
I love how Fluer turned out too! I think in many drawings she looks entirly too old to be 17 or 18. You've captured the snooty teenager :)
From: terbear2oo5hp (Sat May 7 19:36:45 2005)
this is perfect! exactly how i imagined them! the only thing i can honestly say i saw differently is that i thought madam maxime would be taller. its great though!
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 14:36:48 2005)
Maybe, terbear, but if she was much taller, it'd be a solo portrait! LOL, artistic license.
From: schoolboy (Sun Oct 16 15:22:03 2005)
Oh, your Fleur is cute.
Arrogant, snotty and condescending - but cute.
From: KatzMeowe205 (Wed Jun 14 16:30:34 2006)
Oh, I was so mad when they cast that one woman as Madam Maxime! Sure, she's tall, but nearly as broad as I pictured her.
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 17:55:24 2006)
perfect yet again
love how u did madam maxime and i totally agree with KatzMeowe205
From: Ellakkat (Wed Aug 9 15:30:25 2006)
Totally agree. This Maxime is way better than whoever they had in the movie. They should get you to do all the HP art, your stuff is marvolous!
From: Olivia (Sat Feb 17 18:50:50 2007)
I dont like Maxine!
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Feb 21 16:56:55 2007)
Do you by any chance mean Maxime?
From: Olivia (Tue Sep 25 18:36:34 2007)
From: Emily (Thu Oct 4 21:01:16 2007)
We'll have to make a new movie,
~Fleur: The Pouting Beauty~

All joking aside though, it's a great picture.^^

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