Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
A montage of the 4 Chamions

A montage of the 4 Chamions

From: schoolboy (Sun Oct 23 09:34:18 2005)
I really like this.
From: KatzMeowe205 (Wed Jun 14 18:20:04 2006)
Fleur looks older in this picture, but she looks even more beautiful that usual. But I must say that even the most beautiful people in the world are ugly if their personality doesn't reflect their physical appearance.
From: roonil wazlib (Sun Jun 25 21:05:27 2006)
fleur is really good in this one, i like her hair...u do really great hair!
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 21:11:58 2006)
once again.. agreeing with roonil (sigh) i need someone else to agree with
(no offence roonil)
i like how handsom cedric looks
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu May 17 17:06:36 2007)
stunning.....thats all i hane to say
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu May 17 17:09:31 2007)
sorry have not hane

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