Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
Professor Grubbly-Plank substitutes as Harry learns why Hagrid is absent

Professor Grubbly-Plank substitutes as Harry learns why Hagrid is absent

From: Agatha Bluestar (Mon May 16 22:54:12 2005)
Meeps! That's a point of view of Grubbly-Plank I never imagined. She looks so tough. How did they build up the courage to ask about Hagrid? I know I would be scare off, if I was near a woman like that!
From: Rose (Sat Jun 25 16:24:07 2005)
Grubbly-Plank looks so...mannish...lol
From: gma81 (Wed Aug 3 16:55:45 2005)
wow.. i never pictured her like that, i guess i sort of saw her like professor sprout (maybe it was the bowtruckle/herbology-ish thing...) but i guess she would have to be tough to work with all the animals... i love the unicorn, especially his eye!!
From: TPK (Thu Aug 4 17:18:14 2005)
Maybe I'm the only one, but Grubbly-Plank appeared very much like that in my mind's eye. Very no-nonsense and somewhat masculine in her mannerisms--like a stereotypical gym teacher, to be honest.
From: Phoenix_Valor (Wed Oct 26 21:38:02 2005)
At last, someone who actually know how to draw a unicorn. Alot of people make them look like horses with a horn, they don't know enough about unicorns to draw the lion's tail and the stags legs. Good job on Plank.
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Nov 3 19:54:01 2005)
I'm glad you noticed. I was really interested in unicorns growing up, so I know a thing or two about their design. :)
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 20:39:04 2006)
i expected grubby plank to look more womenly
but thats just me
good job though on the unicorn
From: Hannah (Wed Mar 21 11:27:40 2007)
i always sortof pictured her as thin and wiry looking
From: Olivia (Tue Sep 25 20:25:30 2007)
She looks like a heshe...
From: Emily (Thu Oct 4 22:10:23 2007)
Yes, too many people draw unicorns with horses' tails.

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