Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
Ginny is left out of the loop, not for the first time

Ginny is left out of the loop, not for the first time

Description : This happens to poor Ginny a lot. Well, she'll be included pretty heavily in OotP and probably HBP.
From: Maggie the Cat (Tue Feb 1 03:42:16 2005)
Poor Ginny, I always feel so bad for her. I hope that she finds a way to stick with the trio in the next book, because I've always thought there is more to her than just the really cute sweet little sister. After all, she is going to marry Harry.
From: : ) (Wed Mar 16 22:10:59 2005)
I love Ginny's hair, and the wonderful disgusted look on her face
From: Maggie (Fri Aug 5 14:48:00 2005)
Your ginny is the best. I think I said it but I'll keep saying it. She looks great.
From: Harry (Wed Oct 5 21:19:26 2005)
Aw, poor Ginny. Glad she is included more in HBP.
From: kitkat2029@hotmail.com (Fri Oct 28 21:50:35 2005)
I absolutely love your drawing style. I'm seriusly jealous, where did you learn to draw like that?
From: Simple comment (Thu Jan 12 23:26:44 2006)
Who got shot and killed 25 years ago right now?
From: roonil wazlib (Sat Jun 24 20:40:37 2006)
love harrys expression
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 17:52:17 2006)
i love how u got the perfect ginny look
shes never included
From: OliviA (Sat Feb 17 18:47:50 2007)
Um... Ginny looks cool!
From: ,jil (Sat Jul 28 14:15:14 2007)
The problem is, that Ginny becomes a Mary-Sue in OotP,HBP and DH.Good work, i must say.
From: Olivia (Tue Sep 25 18:33:56 2007)
Poor Ginny...

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