Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
Professor Moody makes an example of Malfoy

Professor Moody makes an example of Malfoy

Description : The Amazing Bouncing Ferret himself
From: me (Thu Dec 23 16:23:04 2004)
hehe, malfoy.. the amazing bouncing farret
From: AmY LeE(duh) (Tue Feb 1 07:41:32 2005)
great! i'm not a good drwarer but i was trying to draw exactly that scene... malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret.. hahaha
From: Oar (Sun Feb 6 15:15:55 2005)
Best scene in the book! (Or one of them!)
From: terbear2005hp (Sat May 7 19:32:46 2005)
From: Agatha Bluestar (Mon May 16 22:07:34 2005)
Before the cover for the Order of the¤¥/enix came out had my mental-picture of Moody, then I saw how they draw him and I was pleased but with this picture I feel complete. It's so amazing how he looks as detailed as the book describes him! Even the missing chunk of nose!! -squeals-
From: Amandelle (Tue Jun 28 10:05:40 2005)
All the other Moodys I have seen have been hideous, this one was much closer to the truth as I picture it :)
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 14:35:37 2005)
I concur w/the others .. awesome Moody. He has purty hairrrrrrrr ...
From: darkxmoon (Thu Jul 28 15:29:42 2005)
Tee hee!
From: gma81 (Wed Aug 3 16:26:27 2005)
i can sort of see Malfoy's face/expression in the ferret!! Hilarious!
From: Anoki (Sun Aug 28 06:38:39 2005)
Oh, what a CUTE widdle ferret *snuggles* i love this bit, and the drawing is perfect!
From: Phoenix_Valor (Tue Aug 30 20:28:31 2005)
Overall, this is a wonderfull drawing, I only have one issue, that ferret looks more like a chiuaua(terrible speller)I have a friend who owns a ferret, and I am certain they have long, skinny faces, not short, round one. Other than that, WELL DONE!
From: Iryna (Sun Sep 25 20:08:43 2005)
I love the ferret's expression!! It's hilarious :D:D:D VERY nice drawing!
From: Harry (Wed Oct 5 21:20:25 2005)
Malfoy the bouncing ferret. Priceless.

Absolutely LOVE Hermione's hair, by the way.
From: roonil wazlib (Sat Jun 24 20:43:38 2006)
ferret is cute :)
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 17:54:21 2006)
i want a ferret now
u did a great job on moodys eye
From: Olivia (Tue Sep 25 18:36:00 2007)
Madeye looks so funny!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 13:31:12 2007)
::theme song:: and heres malfoy as ferret boy!!!

mad-eyes perfect!

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