Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
Gabrielle Delacour, Hermione, Cho and Ron are held captive at the base of the mermaid statue

Gabrielle Delacour, Hermione, Cho and Ron are held captive at the base of the mermaid statue

From: : ) (Wed Mar 16 22:33:07 2005)
Kinda creepy . . . I can see why Harry wanted to make sure they were all saved!
From: Agatha Bluestar (Sat May 7 20:54:20 2005)
Cho looks like she was hang but aside of that tiny detail (which is not that important ne ways since they are in water) the drawing is great. I like little Gabrielle, just like I had imagined her.
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun May 8 00:24:18 2005)
Yeah, in the book I think it says that Cho was resting her head on Hermione's shoulder, which is why her head is tilted like that, which I guess kind of why she looks like she's been hanged... Eep!
From: Rose (Sat Jun 25 16:27:33 2005)
Gabrielle looks like a little angel!
From: erm... (Sun Jul 31 21:19:31 2005)
The hair goes up under water. Buoyancy.
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jul 31 22:20:31 2005)
There's also a thing called the tide that could push their hair around, besides the fact that both Hermione and Cho's hair are tied back, restraining it somewhat.
From: Emilie (Tue Aug 23 03:46:17 2005)
I love it...Hermy is rocking some platforms!
From: Kay (Tue Oct 18 12:44:48 2005)
Awwwwww, Little Gabrielle is sooo adorable.
From: ♥fleur♥ (Sat Nov 5 06:01:58 2005)
omg gabrielle is so cutiful! she looks like a lil alice(wonderland) hehe sooooo...awwww:)
From: anon. (Sun Jan 22 21:10:40 2006)
am i imagining things again or was it that they were fixed around a rock, more of a pillar with their limbs tied and at farther distances?
From: roonil wazlib (Sat Jun 24 21:16:18 2006)
i love cho
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 20:46:46 2006)
i love ron and fluers little sister in this picture. plus they all look so peacful, as if they werent even under water
From: bunny16820 (Mon Apr 9 15:00:02 2007)
From: Emily (Thu Oct 4 22:13:42 2007)
Does Cho have ropes/seaweed around her neck? To me it looks like she's being hung. A bit creepy. But beautiful drawing, as always.
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Oct 9 14:11:48 2007)
No, she doesn't have anything around her neck, except for her shirt collar.

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