Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
Harry works out the mystery of the wailing egg, while Myrtle looks merrily on...

Harry works out the mystery of the wailing egg, while Myrtle looks merrily on...

Description : Myrtle is a bit pervy in this part... :)
From: visitor (Sat Dec 25 08:40:50 2004)
The way Myrtle crosses her legs is hilarious.
From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 12:37:11 2005)
Harry's hair looks hilarious!
From: ????/ (Sun Feb 6 15:30:01 2005)
Harry swallowed a considerable amount of bubles in shock. "Myrtle!" said Harry in outgrage. "I'm- I'm not wearing anything!" "I closed my eyes when you got in.".... lol!
From: : ) (Wed Mar 16 22:27:36 2005)
Myrtle is definitely enjoying herself! I love it
From: Michael Staples (Mon Mar 21 20:48:39 2005)
hmmmm.... I don't know but some how the way you draw harry potter, it sort of looks like the artist (andy graham)
From: Paris (Tue Mar 22 02:10:59 2005)
Myrtle looks pretty sexy in this one.
From: Amandelle (Tue Jun 28 10:32:28 2005)
That is the best part in the entire GoF! Myrtle ruules. Lovely.
From: harrysgirl (Tue Jun 28 21:54:42 2005)
I wonder what they are going to do in the movie for this scene, Myrtle is such a funny character, she actually isn't as grumpy as she usually is in the prefects bathroom w/Harry,wonder why? lol
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 14:53:49 2005)
Rock on, Myrtle, with your bad self! I need to learn to draw crossed legs like that. V. V. Hot.
From: littlemae (Thu Aug 11 02:06:50 2005)
Oh my, Myrtle in this one- the legs crossed- perfect.
From: Witch of the south-west (Tue Aug 16 15:43:44 2005)
hah! I love myrtle, balanced on the tap like that.
From: Kay (Tue Oct 18 12:42:22 2005)
Good Myrtle.Is it just me, or does that mermaid look like she has a hangover?
From: Phoenix_Valor (Wed Oct 26 21:41:56 2005)
He, poor Harry, I here that in the movie, she's going to peek under the bubbles! Oooh, you dirty girl Myrtle! Haha.
From: Girl_X (Sun Jul 2 17:07:18 2006)
I don't know if it's just water, but it looks like Harry has sweat dripping from his brow! lol, mere mortal harry sweats around the opposite sex like the rest of us... ;-)
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 20:41:05 2006)
well u would have sweat if u were a guy and a girl ghost just floated in on u in yur big bubbly bath

i like her shoes ...
nice job!!!:P
From: Elise (Tue Aug 1 15:44:25 2006)
I am pretty sure it is just water dripping... He is in a bathtub, after all...
From: Olivia (Tue Sep 25 20:27:11 2007)
the murmaid looks dead...
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 14:18:21 2007)
run harry run!! lol one of my fav parts in the book its brilliant!
From: aussie girl (Wed Dec 5 08:17:04 2007)
LOL! dam stait myrtal was pervy in dis scean!

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