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Harry enters the common room to find Ron and Hermione standing ten feet apart, having a spectacular row

Harry enters the common room to find Ron and Hermione standing ten feet apart, having a spectacular row

From: Godric's Hollow (Sat Oct 2 07:36:57 2004)
OMG, I just love Harry's expression! Hermione looks ropeble! God they are so in love.
From: Aayush Arya (Sun Oct 10 07:47:05 2004)
Great art man! Nice imagination!
From: Bellatrix Black (Fri Oct 15 20:54:32 2004)
I agree with Aayush Arya--Ron and Hermione are not in love! They fight WAY too much to get together!
From: Ahem (Fri Oct 29 23:41:17 2004)
Eh... Godric's Hollow is right on the spot. UST.
From: NightOwl (Sat Oct 30 00:12:55 2004)
I'd rather comment on the artwork itself. Harry is priceless he has that "I am not getting smaller, I am backing away from you" expression.
From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 12:25:08 2005)
Besides the fact that I am Hemrione/Ron shipper (opposites attract yall!) I just adore Harry's "Don't mind me I was just leaving" express!
From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 12:28:54 2005)
oops. i apparently cannot type. that should be spelled HeRMione, and it should be expression, not express!
From: Can'tWait (Sun Feb 6 15:25:27 2005)
Funny how a huge fight can make one think that they belong together! Haha!
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 13:42:10 2005)
This is a great scene, and let's keep the shipper comments to ourselves. I think Drew has a pretty good idea of what's going on here. :D
From: Griffiegrrl (Sun Mar 20 15:24:06 2005)
first off, I LOVE Hermione's expression..

second of all, I dunno, the thought of Hermione and HArry makes me want to barf.. Dunno why.
From: Tabby Bee (Mon Mar 28 10:55:17 2005)
Ron and Hermione are so totally going to get together! I mean, it's sooo obvious that they fight like a married couple!
From: Trees Are Neat (Thu May 12 23:58:35 2005)
I do believe the artist would much rather like a few comments on the actually work than a shipping war at the moment. Personally, I think a spat between shippers is good fun. Hehe.

I love all three expressions, Hermione's the most. It's a cross between pouting and total anger. I can see Harry unconsciously going 'Uhhhhh'. It's great!
From: harrysgirl (Tue Jun 28 21:49:20 2005)
Ron and Hermione always fight like an old married couple!:) I LOVE the picture. Poor Harry, always caught in the middle.
From: the-fan-with-a-short-attention-span (Mon Jul 18 12:48:51 2005)
how brilliant is this piccy?!
i love harrys expression!
"i'll just be going then....."
ron and hermione are so brilliantly drawn!
each pouting at each other like little kids!
great piccy!
by the way...
we really shouldn't bicker about ships but........ron/hermione is so gonna happen!
From: Emma Snape (Fri Oct 21 18:17:56 2005)
Ha, yours truely is SO right - Harry's expression totally DOES say that. I love Hermione's hair here; it's beautiful.

Oh, yeah, and - I think you'll find Drew wants the artwork commenting on, not the ships. It's unlikely that he would have put this up for a shipping debate.

But it's SOOOOO Ron/Hermione all the way!!! :P

Em xxx
From: Girl_X (Sun Jul 2 17:01:46 2006)
The HMS Harmony (harry and hermione) has sunk! Accept it and move on!

Great pic, by the way!
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 20:33:06 2006)
they need to stop[ fighting, dont u agree

great pic though
From: potterfreak (Mon Oct 9 14:03:01 2006)
it's soo good.
From: weasleysgirl (Fri Jul 27 14:46:45 2007)
has ANYONE here read the seventh book? sheesh. it explains the ships and if you still are convinced of h/hr after that..well...not much hope for you ;)
From: ,jil (Sat Jul 28 14:27:12 2007)
Youre right weasleygirl, DH explains it everything, so is HBP.However, i donīt like how they called their kids(sorry if itīs a spoiler, but any potter fan must already finished the book, their spoilers everywhere!(i already knew the ending before reading it, they spoiled it)
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jul 29 13:32:31 2007)
Keep in mind that most people here commented before the 7th book came out, so no need to get angry anymore. But you should know, Drew hasn't read the 7th book yet, and won't for a while, so you actually may want to be careful about dropping such spoilers! Thanks!

From: Administator (admin) (Tue Sep 25 20:20:34 2007)
Lol jk its Olivia, wanted to see what would come up!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 14:07:45 2007)
ok guys chillax drew doesnt want a war going on if u want to talk about relationship between the characters go to a harry potter chat room its soo anoying!! geez!!

ron and hermione all the way =]
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 14:10:53 2007)
hermione-well then u no the solution dont u!!
ron-o ya whats that?
hermione-next time theres a ball ask me before someone else does,,and not as a last resort ::stomps out of the room::
ron-wha...completely missed the..point
harry-i was never here

u got this scene perfectly!
From: Janet (Tue Jun 10 21:03:09 2008)
How quaint this photo is.

Janet Jackson
From: Maddie C. (Fri Aug 14 16:30:16 2009)
I love it how Ron liked Hermione way back.

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