Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
Ron and Harry look at Fleur and Cho in the Great Hall (version 1)

Ron and Harry look at Fleur and Cho in the Great Hall (version 1)

From: Okae (Sun Feb 6 15:17:21 2005)
Oh my gosh, I adore that line! Dangit, it's funny!
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 13:34:55 2005)
Are those plates on the table, or puddles of drool? Just kidding...
From: Elfinstyne (Tue Feb 15 13:45:48 2005)
They don't look 14... But other then that I love the quote.
From: Phoenix_Valor (Mon Aug 29 20:55:03 2005)
I know that look, I have it on my face whenever I see something on Dan!
From: anon. (Sun Jan 22 21:05:10 2006)
they look rather young, younger than your CoS fanarts
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jan 22 23:32:52 2006)
Yes, I did these VERY early in my fandom, before I started to really take care to get their ages properly. Thanks for the feedback!
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 17:58:24 2006)
i love the expressions on their faces lol
so i like them... kinda thing going on
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 17:59:01 2006)
and once more its me
i just wanted to say that i wish they made boys like them at my school :P lol
From: potterfreak (Mon Oct 9 13:55:59 2006)
From: Olivia (Sat Feb 17 18:55:19 2007)
They look young!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 13:37:56 2007)
i agree w/lunna wish they made em like that at my skool to ;]
From: leah (Sat Oct 27 01:11:11 2007)
so cute!

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