Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Dumbledore and Harry have a final word in the Weasleys' broom shed before parting at the Burrow

Dumbledore and Harry have a final word in the Weasleys' broom shed before parting at the Burrow

From: TPK (Wed Aug 3 03:30:06 2005)
That's a much better depiction of Dumbledore's withered hand. Bit creepy, really.
From: MuggleLvr81 (Wed Aug 3 13:57:04 2005)
Wow. Really good with the hand. *shudders* Creepy!
From: C_Shacklebolt (Fri Aug 12 09:45:45 2005)
The Hand...I'm impressed. You make Dumbledore look so good. You make every character look great, actually.
From: J_Stark7x8 (Sat Aug 20 13:55:15 2005)
Dumbledore looks awesome, wild beard =P. Harry looks a bit bored though.
From: HarryRockz (Sun Aug 28 14:23:57 2005)
OMG!!! You captured DD's hand really well, it's kind of creepy, and I'm glad you pay attention to the details, like the spiders...
From: Natalie (Thu Sep 15 12:32:57 2005)
This is Brilliant!! I love the spider on Dumbledores hat. Expressions again, fantastic!
From: mikaere stapleez (Thu Sep 15 17:43:47 2005)
poor poor poor poor dumbledore :'-(
From: ThroughTheNight (Tue Sep 27 01:47:56 2005)
I like how you put in that little detail how Harry tried to concentrate on Dumbledore's spider so as not to.... Ohhhh! Subtle, but grand. Dumbledore is just fabulous, but you already know that from several other visiting reviewers. :) ;D
From: Harry (Thu Oct 6 17:47:38 2005)
I LOVE how you draw Dumbledore. Especially his beard.

It's how he's supposed to look!
From: Mudgirl (Wed Dec 28 18:55:51 2005)
OMG the hand is beyond creepy and I love how Harry is looking at the spider
From: Hermione (Fri May 12 09:20:18 2006)
From: V (Wed Sep 27 10:06:34 2006)
Wher'd Dumbledore's thumb go?
From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:42:57 2006)
Siht si looc!
From: anp (Sat Feb 17 22:01:07 2007)
I love Dumbledore, though he looks a bit angry.
From: Griffie (Sun Jul 29 15:35:06 2007)
Oh, the hand....Oh...
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 06:29:22 2007)
It looks sooo REAL!!!! especially the hand......
From: LoveHBP (Wed Dec 5 20:28:58 2007)
how do you also draw faces from the side and the hands? i dunno how to draw them clutching something and just there. Help Me?

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