Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Fleur and Bill in love (much to certain Weasleys' dismay)

Fleur and Bill in love (much to certain Weasleys' dismay)

Description : Private language lessons indeed!
From: Tom Risner (Mon Jul 18 23:59:14 2005)
Hey, no matter how much the family might disapprove of it, Bill's cool, Fleur's hott, and in the end, she's not as shallow as you might at first think, but actually really cool and strong willed.
From: TPK (Tue Jul 19 13:45:49 2005)

Aww, Bill and Phlegm... :)

I'm also curious to see your... well, perhaps "rendition" is a cruel word considering the circumstances under which Bill's face was rearranged... but your take on Bill's new look, shall we put it that way?
From: Samwise (Mon Jul 25 01:35:52 2005)
Hey, look at that, a redhead with long hair, an earring, and a tatoo (I am certain of this). Of course he'd get the beautiful girl, he's perfect himself! Actually, I am very proud of Fleur, she pulled herself out of my bad opinion book quite nicely there at the end.
From: Jade (Thu Jul 28 15:12:23 2005)
Phlegm looks like my cousin, Sharon, except she doesn't have black hair.

From: me (Sun Jul 31 16:30:23 2005)
Awwww! Aren´t they beatiful. Yes they are.
From: Maggie (Tue Aug 2 05:50:07 2005)
It's funny how Fleur can be full of herself yet noble and adorable. She's not that bad. Together they remind me of some filmstars, that got together.
But you have to be proud of Phlegm in the end.
From: dee (Tue Aug 16 17:24:21 2005)
Bill is handsome, definately the "cool" Weasley
From: Stephany (crookshanks1177) (Sat Sep 17 02:29:56 2005)
They look great. This is one I'd love to see colored in.
From: Miri (Sun Sep 18 02:14:46 2005)
i love this picture. they're both done so well! and hey, bill's pretty cute. :P
From: LaffeTur (Wed Sep 28 17:12:14 2005)
Ohhh, they are such a cute couple! I honestly didn't see it coming because, well, it just seemed TOO obvious to me. Ah, well. They work perfect together. I love the drawing, especially Fluer (wonderful though they both are). She looks so very coy. That's Fluer, alright! ;)
From: Peris_77 (Sat Dec 3 17:00:44 2005)
I lov Fleur. She's breathtakingingly pretty and souts perfectly with Bill.Pity he got contaminated by Greyback...
From: yay (Sat Oct 7 17:20:13 2006)
fleur's sooo pretty!
From: Olivia (Sat Dec 9 20:36:32 2006)
From: Jenny (Thu Apr 5 11:48:33 2007)
Oh I love Bill/Fleur!
From: Lils (Thu Apr 26 18:27:22 2007)
Fleur's is prettier than the movie Fleur and the illustrated Fleur. You should illustrate the books! Youd be a much better artist
From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 17:17:29 2007)
aHHH,they look so cute,althouth Fleur reminds me of Glinda from Wicked.
From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 17:18:56 2007)
and Clémence Póesy IS ALSO VERY PRETTY Lils!
From: sak (Sun Aug 5 02:59:02 2007)
AWwwwwww.......they look so cute together
From: Maddie C. (Sat Aug 1 01:16:46 2009)

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