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Fleur asists in nursing Bill back to health, undaunted by his attack from a werewolf

Fleur asists in nursing Bill back to health, undaunted by his attack from a werewolf

Description : Yes, she holds a high opinion of herself, but with good reason. I think they make a great team. I actually pictured Bill a littl% more... slashed than this, but this is how it came out.
From: TPK (Wed Jul 20 04:11:43 2005)
Thanks! Just what I wanted to see. (Wolfman Jack lives! Aoooo!)
From: razza (Wed Jul 20 04:30:22 2005)
She may be snobby (enough good looks for the both of them?! Hmph!) but at least she still loves him.
From: razza (Wed Jul 20 04:30:24 2005)
She may be snobby (enough good looks for the both of them?! Hmph!) but at least she still loves him.
From: Bobanna (Wed Jul 20 23:29:47 2005)
aww poor Bill... but in this drawing they look totally infatuated with each other, its sweet.
From: roon (Wed Jul 27 13:55:12 2005)
I was crying over D'dore in this scene, and I burst out laughing at her pronunciation that she was good looking enough for the both of them. Dang, you gotta love the French. The look in her eyes says it all.
From: Cassidy (Sun Jul 31 23:34:14 2005)
Cute, but Bill's face needs to look MUCH more mutilated and Mad-eye-Moody-like.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Aug 1 04:15:35 2005)
Yes, as I said above, I also pictured his face a little more slashed, but this is how it turned out. I think this is actually a Bill a little further along in his healing process, so it's not quite as bad. And anyway, if I saw a guy with those great gashes across his face, it would seem pretty darn dramatic to me.
From: Maggie (Tue Aug 2 06:31:10 2005)
Yeah, imagine those open and bleeding. Dramatic enough to me. And she is good looking enough for both of them. Beautiful girl and guy with scars all over his face. They look like a couple from some western movie. No, but seriously, I think a lot of Fleur at the moment. And saying she's pretty...well, that's our Phlegm...
From: fayeval05 (Sun Aug 7 02:30:34 2005)
As devastating as Dumbledore's death was, it was the perfect moment for JKR to show Fleur as a noble character. I laughed so hard, that the tears I was already crying got worse!
From: Tiff (Sun Aug 28 02:14:19 2005)
This is a great picture!

But I do wonder why everyone draws Bill with slashes on his face? I mean Fenrir actually *BIT* his face- he didn't scratch it.
From: Lisa (Wed Sep 7 22:19:47 2005)
I couldnt stand her for most o& the book but when she said she'd still love him she redeemed herself. :) Great work, love the slashes... I dont think we know if he bit or clawed at Bill do we? (in responce to Tiff's comment)
From: Tiff (Fri Sep 9 20:27:45 2005)
Lisa, he did bite him. Which is why everyone was so worried that he would become a werewolf. That was why the blood was dripping down his chin. Fenrir is a cannibal. O_O
From: OyOi (Wed Sep 28 23:10:14 2005)
*Chuckles* Bill actually looks ruggedly sexy with those tale-worthy scars of his. It's something that he can tell his children about, and his grandchildren, and nephews and nieces... It's rather harrowing, isn't it? And a very Weasley-ish thing to come into place, really.

I did LOVE Fluer there. I practically loved her throughout the whole book. I love this couple! I love how you drew this, too. :D Fluer looks just like a fond, yet worried mother....
From: Moa (Mon Oct 3 15:08:13 2005)
I've sipped this ship since GoF so now I'm really happy that there are more people who does now
From: Phoenix_Valor (Wed Oct 26 21:19:22 2005)
Aaaaawwww, poor Bill, I don't see what he sees in her though, sheesh, but I love this pic.
From: hana (Tue Nov 1 14:46:44 2005)
fleur is so pretty its not fair
From: Pheonix (Sun Nov 27 18:52:09 2005)
Beautiful!!! I love the look on fleurs face. It clearly says, 'Oh! I hope you'll be okay!' Good job!! You are a grear artist!!!
From: Marica Malfoy (Sat Dec 24 16:41:42 2005)
This says, true love. I have to say...AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Jan 25 17:16:54 2006)
Whoa! That's a lot of comments!
From: Padme Amidala Naberrie (Sun Feb 26 15:25:18 2006)
O wow Bill looks so great but not great, Poor Bill. and Fleur is amazing!
From: Me (Mon Apr 10 23:20:36 2006)
Poor Bill. But really, he's lucky, they both are, to have a love like that

Okay, I'm not crying...I'm...not...crying!
From: Jke Grl (Mon Aug 21 18:31:01 2006)
Briliant! You can really see the love in they're eyes
From: Seion (Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 1969)
So, do the scars make Bill even cooler? :)
From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:31:52 2006)
YES!!!! THe scars DO make Bill look cooler!
From: sak (Mon Aug 6 03:29:14 2007)
I luv ur fleur!!!!!!!

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