Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Marvolo attacks his daughter when he learns that she has been harboring secret feelings for the Muggle Tom Riddle

Marvolo attacks his daughter when he learns that she has been harboring secret feelings for the Muggle Tom Riddle

Description : Why it's NOT okay to marry your cousins...
From: TPK (Fri Aug 5 14:11:11 2005)
From: Seven (Wed Aug 10 20:24:57 2005)
This picture is quite frightening, and I think that's a good thing. Fits perfect,y with that scene in the book.
From: ProfRasah (Sat Aug 20 00:23:10 2005)
Your ideas are right on cue, as always.
Sorry for my ranting earlier, I'm on curfew and in rush. If I hadn't saved out one of your picture's link, I would have never found this site again. Lucky I was going through out work on here.
From: roon (Mon Sep 5 15:56:32 2005)
I had to laugh at the over-hauls that Marvolo is sporting. How very hillbilly. I guess wizards have rednecks too. *snork*
From: Kay (Tue Oct 18 13:38:21 2005)
Instaed of bloodhounds they have snakes.
From: Viktorius (Sat Mar 11 18:58:46 2006)
Wow, scary and redneck at the same time.
From: The Dementor (Fri Mar 17 08:47:36 2006)
OK ... Where's Tom Riddle? Spooky pitchure. I've got a pitchure home, there looks like this!
From: Seriously Me (Mon Apr 10 22:13:02 2006)
was my reaction, seriously!
And then I stared at for like half and hour, lol.
From: Saphy (Mon Apr 17 21:46:49 2006)
*snerks* Love your description, Drew. ^_^

Wonderfully creepy picture; I feel bad for Merope, being stuck in that terrible situation. TToTT Great job with expressions, as always, and with the monkey-ish look of Marvolo. V. good. *gives a gold star*
From: Shannen, no.1 HP fan (Fri Sep 15 21:11:28 2006)
i love your drawings, they're really good and at first i was shocked that you draw the front covers of the HP books, i bet no one will ever beat you in drawing!!!
From: Eggnog (Tue Sep 26 07:56:54 2006)
they all look so derranged- i loved Dumbledores 'delicate' way of putting how terribly inbred they were! *coff-INSEST-coff*
From: Tom (Sun Jan 21 05:16:18 2007)
Brillant! Really captures what was happening in the scene. I'm VERY glad you didn't sugar coat it. It pisses my off when people think these are "kids" books...
From: Amber (Thu May 3 02:25:54 2007)
I like your Merope. She's actually... pretty.

Aside from the wonkey eyes, missing teeth and sunken cheeks, of course.
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 07:51:54 2007)
Exactly like the scene from book.....quite creepy!!!
From: Virgo Firewolf (Mon Aug 13 19:55:28 2007)
At first, I didn't even KNOW what this scene was about. I always used to read books in an odd way. I read the beginning, then a few chapters until I reached the end, OBVIOUSLY I had skipped the chapter with this particular scene in it. I reread the WHOLE book. NOW I know. I think it is a VERY good drawing. captures the scene well.
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 16:30:53 2007)
"hissy hissy little snake.."...i love it..perfect for the scene in the book
From: kim jewell (Mon Oct 29 20:46:35 2007)
Marvolo and morfin look like monkeys

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