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A gooey montage of Harry and Ginny. :)

A gooey montage of Harry and Ginny. :)

From: TPK (Wed Aug 3 03:36:46 2005)
HA! The dip in the upper right corner is hilarious! All she needs is a rose between her teeth.

I'd rather have a bit of gooey Chocolate than an excess of Phlegm any day. :)
From: Nadine (Wed Aug 3 22:57:16 2005)
Hey, I'd take gooey any day. This is great!
From: Sage (Fri Aug 5 14:07:46 2005)
I also love the Chocolate dip. Harry looks happy and content with Ginny.
From: Fett (Mon Aug 8 21:05:37 2005)
Well done. Couldn't have pictured anything better myself.
From: Rod (Wed Aug 10 02:00:57 2005)
So sappy...

...I love it :P
From: C_Shacklebolt (Sun Aug 14 10:53:14 2005)
Ha! Harry seems so "Rico Suavé" up there...
From: Amanda (Mon Aug 15 19:17:17 2005)
From: Emma Snape (Sat Sep 10 11:11:05 2005)
Oh, it's so cute ... oh, I sent you an email, by the way. I love Ginny's hair in the one in the top righthand corner.
From: Ela (Tue Sep 20 03:47:06 2005)
Now, thamk you for all the p)ctures! Great job! But why didn't you draw Dumbldore's death and the duel between Harry and Sevy? I wanted to see that so much! And Hagrid fighting the blonde Deatheater. Perhaps you will, to my utter delight...
From: TwoPlusYou (Tue Sep 27 02:08:45 2005)
Gooey indeed.... and sometimes, I really love gooey. Gooiness all around! *Throws globs of sweet whatever into the air* *Dances in chair at sight of two together* SO CUTE!! There, I've said it. They just belong together...
From: Skye (Wed Sep 28 22:45:07 2005)
GAH! I love this drawing. Heck, I love alllllll your drawings, but this one is just too cute for words. Who CAN'T love Harry and Ginny together? *swoons* Truly lovely work.
From: Whose Real Name is Ginny (Tue Oct 4 20:20:40 2005)
Love it! So cute.
From: love it..soooooooo cute (Wed Oct 26 10:26:41 2005)
so love
From: dementio (Sun Oct 30 18:18:34 2005)
Oh my goodness gracious gravies. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent. I am absolutely floored, and I can't wait for your next update!
From: Cobblepot/Gollum/Lupin/ADB27 (Mon Nov 28 20:33:03 2005)
Harry is a MORON for getting rid of Ginny just when he needs her the most.

If the "Spider-Man" movies have taught us anything, it's that the beautiful redhead you love who loves you back will end up with you eventually, no matter how hard you try and protect her by pushing her away. Why fight it?
From: tipsytoe (Mon Dec 19 04:38:04 2005)
Cobblepot cracks me up. All I can say is, HEAR HEAR!

Your drawings are lovely. They're just what I pictured them to be in my mind.
From: anon. (Sat Jan 21 18:27:16 2006)
again, nothing wrong with the pic. but i have to mention the topmost harry's head has gone all funny [squashed?]
From: Miss lindsjoo (Fri Jan 27 16:05:51 2006)
I cant say it in english so I'm say it in swedish:
Det där var ju inte med i slutet av boken!
From: Mianwe338 (Tue Jan 31 19:31:41 2006)
How cute!!

I just want you to know... I found this site in your sig on the cos forums and spent over an hour looking through it. I don't have time to comment it all now, but I want to tell you that you are an amazing artist (Not that you've heard that 1,002 times already or anything, hehe). I love your sketchbook, Disney, musical, and (of course) Harry Potter sections. Your pictures have inspired me a lot. Kudos to you!

From: MioneBookworm (Mon Feb 27 18:06:23 2006)
Okay ag, I know you like to leave the matchmaking to JKR, but you must admit you're a Harry/Ginny.

From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 27 19:55:08 2006)
Hee hee... Well, if it's in the books, it's canon, so it's not shipping! :)
From: MioneBookworm (Fri Mar 24 23:14:23 2006)
yeah, yeah, try to hide it... =)

but it IS canon, so no one can argue against it and that's the good part! Ron/Hermione is still getting into trouble because they haven't gotten together yet...
From: Roxane (Sat Apr 15 11:37:55 2006)
Wouaw! It's very beautiful :)!
From: hermione24 (Mon Jun 26 03:47:44 2006)
awwwww.... so cute, love all the drawings!!!!
From: J_Tofu (Mon Jul 3 19:12:07 2006)
where are the condoms?
From: Danielle (Mon Jul 24 17:02:03 2006)
Be quiet Tofu.

I really like this one!
From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:38:15 2006)
If you have been reading my comments the you know that Ron and Ginny have been having a war and that I have been giving out points...Well the winner is...
Well...that was no surprise!
From: JustxLikexMagic (Fri Dec 22 11:45:41 2006)
Miss lindsjoo -

Vill du bo inne Sverige? JAG er halva svensk , utom JAG tala mycket liten.

Den här avbilda är mycket fint!
From: Olivia (Tue Jan 16 18:55:30 2007)
From: Nymphadora (Thu Jan 18 07:37:50 2007)
this a splendid job from you as usual.
But a small thing i felt is that u should make harry's face a li'll more matured... afterall, he is turning seventeen.
secondly, make harry's hair 'messier' rather than wavier.
that's all!
From: Yaci (Tue Mar 6 06:22:57 2007)
this one is for all the Harry & Ginny fans out there! I'm looking forward to more drawings...book 7?
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Mar 6 23:40:39 2007)
Sadly no drawings until March 08 for Book 7... That is when Drew gets back and finally gets to read the book.
From: miss alice (Thu May 24 21:14:10 2007)
you are amazingly talented! these are amazing!
you have managed to portray so many scenes well!
From: Griffie (Fri Jul 27 12:13:27 2007)
If you told me you were a romantic.. I'd NEVER believe it.... ;D
From: sak (Mon Aug 6 03:45:12 2007)
From: turtle (Thu Aug 23 01:45:14 2007)
Brilliant! So sappy, but it's great. Harry and Ginny are great together. :D
From: -g@BbY- (Mon Sep 3 07:09:30 2007)
ha! their corny! but sweet...
From: hogwarts girl (Wed Sep 26 21:36:16 2007)
just like harry described it in the book "like something out of someone elses life"...awsome
From: Kitten (Fri Oct 26 20:06:10 2007)
All of my favorite "Harry and Ginny Moments" though some aren't in the book.
From: aussie girl (Wed Dec 5 07:27:25 2007)
AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW! So cute! luv it! I told my friends they would get together, but nooo, the went with harry hermione! Nice work :).
From: sak (Wed Dec 12 04:38:31 2007)
sappy.... but they're totally right for each other!

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