Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Malfoy suspects Harry's intrusion in their cabin on the train, and performs the Petrificus Totalus spell on him, leaving Harry at his worst enemy's mercy

Malfoy suspects Harry's intrusion in their cabin on the train, and performs the Petrificus Totalus spell on him, leaving Harry at his worst enemy's mercy

Description : seriously, I was SO angry with Malfoy in this part...
From: TPK (Fri Aug 5 18:16:21 2005)
Me too. Of course, it did make it pretty clear early in the story that Draco's mission was NOT to kill Harry. Still, grr... snivelling little ferret...
From: Harry Rockz (Sun Aug 28 14:37:14 2005)
Too bad for Harry, and I would've seriously liked to have hexed Malfoy at this part in the story, and yes I agree, I like Malfey SOOOOOOOO much better as a ferret, at least he was cute then...:D
From: Harry Rockz (Sun Aug 28 14:37:45 2005)
oops I spelled Malfoy wrong.. sorry!
From: Ela (Tue Sep 20 03:12:19 2005)
Why are you so cross with Malfoy, guys? Remember how often Harry and company hexed him, turned him into ugly things... etcetera? And after all would you like anybody to spy on YOU? I bet you wouldn't, not even Harry Potter!
The picture is awesome. I am begining to loke your works, really.
From: LovelyLegs (Tue Sep 27 01:59:28 2005)
Ohh, poor Harry... that really is/was a stickywicket, wasn't it? This is the first time I've seen this one drawn out, well done on it. Draco indulges when it comes to torturing sometimes, doesn't he? Ahh, well, can't see why he shouldn't... ;)
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Oct 11 21:37:35 2005)
Don't even try to justify Malfoy's wretched actions, Ela! He's evil and inordinately vicious to Harry and friends. Harry and Co. wouldn't have done anything to him if he weren't a total jerk to them first.
From: Kenzie (Thu Nov 3 18:45:30 2005)
I agree with ela Harry and others were mean but still even if Malfoy is awful the books would not be th same without him!
From: zogmoo (Tue Dec 13 22:00:43 2005)
Awww, poor darling! Stupid Malfoy!!! you've captured the mood perfectly! yay
From: TONKS!!!!!!!! (Thu Dec 22 15:16:12 2005)
Great Picture but you should draw one of Tonks finding Harry.
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 02:24:06 2005)
Now I really love Harry, but I love Draco for this!!!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Dec 26 11:28:58 2005)
Shame on you! That was a horrible trick to play on Harry!
From: Bob (Tue Jan 3 17:18:06 2006)
GO DRACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Jan 3 22:23:40 2006)
Uncool. Draco is a miserable git.
From: The Dementor (Fri Mar 17 08:40:28 2006)
From: Bellatrix (Fri Apr 7 12:09:18 2006)
Good Evening! This picture i scool! I love Draco!
I love Snape! Jestem Polką! Piszę po angielsku. Ale to nie zmienia faktu, że jestem Bellatrix i jestem ciotką Drcona!
From: Saphy (Mon Apr 17 21:39:24 2006)
Gads, but this scene always makes me cringe! I feel so bad for Harry, and I just want to punch Malfoy right in the face, t(e arrogant little twit. Great expressions here, as always, (darn that smug look on Malfoy! Little twerp!). Remembering this scene, I find it difficult to feel bad for Malfoy when Harry curses him later. >_>
From: um...... (Sun Apr 23 15:39:54 2006)
Sometimes Harry really doesnt think.... would he be there if he had minded his own business? I know it is Malfoy but still......
From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:55:25 2006)
Malfoys a butthead
From: Lellen (Tue Dec 12 17:33:24 2006)
*twich twich*

hihi Olivia!
From: griffiegrrl (Wed Mar 21 17:01:39 2007)
He's a POOR miserable git, though, and he just needs a hug and maybe a few hundred kicks up the patookie.
From: a girl (Wed May 2 20:28:33 2007)
I have loved all of the pictures so far. But I have to say, Harry deserved this for what he was trying to get away with; he should have seen it coming.
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 07:43:37 2007)
Harry should have known that malfoy would be suspicious...........but I still feel sorry 4 Harry....

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