Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Narcissa pleads with Snape to protect her son

Narcissa pleads with Snape to protect her son

Description : She really does love her child, even if she's completely horrible in every other way.
From: TPK (Wed Jul 20 04:05:54 2005)
Bellatrix, what a scabby hag.

I really felt for "Cissy" in this scene, and you've captured her very well in the act of unbending her pride to plead for her son's life. Still not a nice person, but she does at least possess mothe2-love.
From: NG (Fri Jul 22 03:35:59 2005)
I like how you conveyed the emotion that Narcissa is feeling right now. What I don't like is Bellatrix. She looks more like a man, and I believe that she would look better than she did in the department of mysteries, not that much better. But she would at least look a little womanly. Besides that, I really like this picture. Good job!
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Jul 22 04:34:51 2005)
Yeah, but remember it was only a couple weeks later that this happened. But I agree, she looks a little mannish, I'm not entirely pleased with her in this one, actually. But I get tired of people drawing her too pretty, so I guess this it my little way of balancing the universe. :)
From: NG (Mon Jul 25 01:09:53 2005)
She is certainly going to still have that dead ghost look to her. The setting for this picture was less than a month after the Department of Mysteries event and Sirius still had that look at Azkaban till his death. I think it's over optimistic to make her look like she is a supermodel. Good job again, you're a really good artist.
From: JAG (Fri Aug 5 01:44:14 2005)
I really loved this scene in the book & am very pleased with the way you portrayed Narcissa's desperation to protect her son.
From: Sage (Fri Aug 5 14:20:48 2005)
I like this alot, but I tended to picture Bellatrix as looking more like Ursula the Sea Witch. Although, if she is meant to be better looking, than more like Malificent. I tend toward the latter, as Narcissa is not described as being as homely as Merope.
From: MeAgain (Tue Sep 27 01:38:55 2005)
Bellatrix's face seems so masculine to me- hardened features in result of imprisonment of Azkaban. Brr. Is it me, or is she just such a wonderful character? Evil, no doubt, don't get me wrong, but she's just really interesting to me.

I love your Narcissa. That pose is perfecta. :) Snape looks just disgusted enough, with a side of miffed. If that makes sense. ;)
From: HermionePower (Thu Nov 24 16:14:17 2005)
Enough emotion for a lifetime! I love it!
From: Marica Malfoy (Sat Dec 24 15:46:53 2005)
Bellatrix look like guy But slightly discusted with her sister, which was true. Narissa look like this is her last resort and she is completely broken down. Snape looks annoyed with her and that i didn't feel, he was when she did the whole crying thing. I got the feeling that he was pleased that she was willing to beg him/ was begging him, to protect Draco. But over all GREAT!
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 02:14:39 2005)
Love the picture, but I pictured Snape more concerned.
From: Mudgirl (Wed Dec 28 18:41:35 2005)
He, he, he...Bellatrix looks like a man! I like how the emotion of Narcissa is conveyed and the loook on snape's face is hilarious
From: Lisie (Fri Jan 27 16:03:17 2006)
jaa,vad ska man säga?
From: narci (Fri May 12 19:24:57 2006)
to: lisie
From: Girl_X (Mon Jul 3 18:27:11 2006)
I like the way you drew snape.
From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:40:48 2006)
TE HE HE! Snape looks like a bird!
From: griffiegrrl (Wed Mar 21 16:42:31 2007)
I love Cissy's expression. I think Bellatrix is supposed to be sexy, not scabby. Sexy yet slightly insane.
But that is my personal opinion.
From: Snape's girl (Mon Jul 2 13:00:31 2007)
Snape is HOT!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 2 13:01:38 2007)
Interesting idea, griffiegrrl, but I think JK's description may contradict your theory.
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 05:35:23 2007)
I soo don't like narcissa....but at this moment u've got 2 feel sorry 4 her......
From: Madame Raven (Tue Aug 14 14:50:29 2007)
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!Snape and Bellatrix are twins!!!!!!and their father is Voldie-poo!1!!!!And Cissy is Barbie!!Fantastic Drawing!!(except maybe Bella)
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 16:16:36 2007)
i must say this is one of my fav drawings of snape he looks fantastic

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